This is what we are

A team of young, still expert software professionals in their domain and technology. We believe that, to be the best, you must beat the best. We challenege the best, both within and out, and raise the bar, every hour. CodeChefs: A team - In Pursuit of Excellence

Our Team

Samragi Chandela

Business Unit Head (UK & EU)

Technology Strategist responsible to drive Web Service Business Unit by developing customer solution in the sales cycle, based on understanding customer business needs and aligning those needs with the spectrum of the functional, technical and non-functional service offering.

Chhatrapati Sharma

Co-Founder & Teach Lead

A Computer Science graduate. Started his IT career in 2008 with Wipro Technologies. Have worked for companies like Dot Square. Expert in .NET web technologies. Currently hadles CodeChefs Rajasthan operations.

Sourabh Choudhary

Founder & Tech Lead

A Computer Science graduate. Started his IT career in 2007 with Huawei Technologies. Have worked for companies like Motorola and Oracle. Handles CodeChefs Bangalore operations.

"The effort they put to understand your requirement is superb. It always gave me a feeling that I am talking to my business parteners. Their After sales service is another good thing which I would like to mention. Thanks!"
Nicholas K.CEO Zero Corrosion B.V.
"We were the first timers, so were the CodeChefs. They are true professionals, but more than that, they are supportive, always eager to learn rules and working of your business. It's so easy to explain your requirements to them."
Animesh SharmaWeb Media Graphics, UK